Percent Pledge began with one simple question.

How can we empower young professionals to make giving back a bigger part of their lives?

Our Vetting Process

To ensure your Pledge drives real change, we put all our Portfolio Charities through a holistic vetting process.

star icon Top-rated on Charity Navigator, Guidestar, or GreatNonprofits
80 percent icon Over 80% of funding put toward program expenses
magnifying glass icon Transparent on where donor money is going
coin icon Established with at least $1M in annual funding
community icon Inclusive of the populations they support through diversity of staff and board
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Our Story

One evening, late in 2016, I was walking to the Blue Line from my consulting job in Chicago’s Loop. It was the same walk I made every day and it always took exactly 10 minutes. The perfect length to check in with family and I owed my Dad a call.

My Father, Marc, has worked in philanthropy for 20+ years and philanthropy was the topic we landed on that evening. I told him that I wanted to start giving more to charity and asked him for suggestions. He laughed at first, reminding me that, as a kid, I resisted when my parents donated 10 percent of our family's money each year or made me donate 10 percent of my Bar Mitzvah money. "Mom, Dad, why would we do that when it could be better spent on new basketball shoes or the latest Abercrombie & Fitch cargo shorts you never buy me!"

After he got done laughing at the irony of my "personal growth", I pressed him on the way he gave when I was growing up. That notion of giving some percentage of my income to charity had stuck with me, so I asked if he knew of an easy way to do so?

He said he didn’t know of anything like that and his response surprisingly excited me. I told Dad "love you, gotta go", then rushed home to jot down everything I thought could go into a platform that made it simpler for young people like me to make giving a bigger part of their lives — to make giving a habit.

Our Team

I work here!

Joel Pollick


Having worked Consulting for 5+ years... Joel Made the Pledge because Percent Pledge was all he could think about.

I work here!

Eric Zoberman


Having worked in Philanthropy for 5+ years... Eric Made the Pledge because he wanted to build something that put the donor first.

I work here!

Victor Lee

Chief Developer

Having worked in Web Development for 2+ years... Victor Made the Pledge because he saw an opportunity to build tech that gave back.

I work here!

Pat Carolan


Having worked in Technology for 10+ years... Pat Made the Pledge because he felt the platform could fundamentally change how people give.

I work here!

Aron Macarow


Having worked in Web Development for 10+ years... Aron Made the Pledge because he wanted to make it truly easier for people to give.

I work here!

Colleen MacDonald


Having worked in Design for 5+years... Colleen Made the Pledge because she wanted to design an experience that inspired people to give.

Our Advisory Board

Advisory Board
Josh Tolman joined the advisory board at Percent Pledge

Josh Tolman

Chief Strategy Officer, TradeHelm, Inc

Advisory Board
Laura Adams joined the advisory board at Percent Pledge

Laura Adams

Senior Communications Leader & Strategist

Advisory Board
Anil Harjani joined the advisory board at Percent Pledge

Anil Harjani

Vice President of Corporate Development, Hireology

Advisory Board
Renee Joslyn joined the advisory board at Percent Pledge

Renee Joslyn

Executive Director, Soledad O'Brien & Brad Raymond Foundation

Advisory Board
Spencer Gerrol joined the advisory board at Percent Pledge

Spencer Gerrol

Chief Executive Officer, SPARK Neuro

Advisory Board
Suk Shah joined the advisory board at Percent Pledge

Suk Shah

Chief Financial Officer, Avant