We're matching $500 in new Chicago Leadership Alliance Pledges Jan 14 - Feb 14. Make the Pledge now to start your decade off by securing this impact multiplier for your favorite causes!

Chicago Leadership Alliance is Social Impact 2.0.

We are a community of young leaders; altruistically motivated to drive actionable change to make a better Chicago.

Built on the ideals of servant leadership -- our members work as a community to mobilize, collaborate and provide actionable solutions that ignite transformative impact within the city of Chicago.

Unlike most non-profits, our organization does not focus on one cause - instead we pursue dozens of causes, organizations, projects, population segments and geographical areas in Chicago. In our pursuit we organize our work in parallel with partners as we believe making real impact takes an entire ecosystem.

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How It Works

1 Charity Mutual-Funds

Choose from our vetted Cause Portfolios, or search our 1M+ charity database to Build Your Own Portfolio.

2 Automated Giving

Pick your Pledge in 0.5% increments, then watch your giving happen seamlessly each month.

3 Tailored Reports

Check your inbox for personalized Pledge Reports, providing transparency into the impact of your Pledge.

4 Simple Tax Season

Stop searching for donation receipts. We send annual reports with tax receipts and tips.

Give simpler, and know your impact.

Our Vetting Process

To ensure that your money is being put to work as effectively as possible, we put all of our charity partners through a 5-step vetting process.

top-rated charity star icon Top-rated on Charity Navigator, Guidestar, or GreatNonprofits
80 percent of funding goes toward programs pie chart icon Over 80% of funding put toward program expenses
transparent magnifying glass icon Transparent on where donor money is going
financial stability icon Established with at least $1M in annual funding
representative of diverse communities icon Inclusive of the populations they support through diversity of staff and board

Got More Questions...?

Our Cause Portfolios are like charity mutual-funds. Like a mutual-fund, your Pledge gets diversified across the portfolio, maximizing your impact. But unlike a real mutual-fund, our Cause Portfolios are not investments where you will see a financial return. Instead, the return is continous transparency into your impact.

Your donation is automatically processed once each month on the 15th (or the business day prior if the 15th falls on a weekend), showing up on your bank or CC statement as “PERCENT PLEDGE”. If you choose to link your bank with Plaid--one of the great payment processors we built into the platform--then your donation will be automatically processed each month as a recurring ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction. If you choose Credit/Debit with Stripe--the other great payment processor we built into the platform--then your donation will be automatically processed each month as a recurring charge. Both options are secure, using leading financial security measures together with Plaid & Stripe.