NY Tech Cares

Rallying the New York Tech Community to Help Those Affected by COVID-19

What is NY Tech Cares?

NYTechCares is a coalition of New York technology companies to support COVID-19 relief efforts; created by Suzy, powered by Percent Pledge, and in partnership with local organizations Electric and Slice.

We’ve made it easy for your organization and your employees to be part of something bigger.

Count me in! How can my company help?

It’s easy for companies and/or individuals to support our top-rated partner charities. All donations are tax-deductible and secure, powered by Percent Pledge’s proprietary giving platform.

Donate Equipment - Donate used or unused devices (laptops, tablets. etc.) to our NY Tech Care Portfolio Charities so that the low-income students they serve can access their e-learning. (tax receipt for the fair market value included)

Make the Pledge - Customize a monthly “subscription for giving” to automatically support our NY Tech Cares and/or COVID-19 Relief Portfolios; takes just 3 minutes to unlock automated donations, tax receipts, and personal impact reports delivered right to your inbox.

Make a One-Time Donation - Contribute any amount to our NY Tech Cares and/or COVID-19 Relief Portfolios, both are comprised of top-rated charities on the front lines.

We Are NY Tech Cares

Founding Partners

Non-Profit Partners

Now is a critical time to make a big impact. Every cause and community is hurting, so we curated two portfolios to maximize your impact.

NY Tech Cares Portfolio

Our NYTechCares Portfolio features four local charities actively providing devices to students and families across our city.

COVID-19 Relief Portfolio

Our COVID-19 Relief Portfolio features six charities actively supporting our vulnerable communities without work or food, our healthcare workers on the front lines, and our scientists developing a cure.

How the Pledge Model Works

Your monthly subscription for giving

1 Charity Mutual-Funds

Choose from our vetted Cause Portfolios, or search our 1M+ charity database to Build Your Own Portfolio.

2 Automated Giving

Pick your Pledge in 0.5% increments, then watch your giving happen seamlessly each month.

3 Tailored Reports

Check your inbox for personalized Pledge Reports, providing transparency into the impact of your Pledge.

4 Simple Tax Season

Stop searching for donation receipts. We send annual reports with tax receipts and tips.

Give simpler, and know your impact.

Get Started!

One-Time Donation to NY Tech Cares Portfolio

How much would you like to give?

Donate Equipment

Our Vetting Process

To ensure that your money is being put to work as effectively as possible, we put all of our charity partners through a 5-step vetting process.

top-rated charity star icon Top-rated on Charity Navigator, Guidestar, or GreatNonprofits
80 percent of funding goes toward programs pie chart icon Over 80% of funding put toward program expenses
transparent magnifying glass icon Transparent on where donor money is going
financial stability icon Established with at least $1M in annual funding
representative of diverse communities icon Inclusive of the populations they support through diversity of staff and board

Got More Questions...?

Cause Portfolios are like mutual funds for charitable giving. They allow you to give to multiple charities at once, simplifying your giving experience and diversifying your impact. Your donation is evenly distributed to each charity in the portfolio, all of whom have been vetted so that you can trust your impact is maximized. Donating this way also unlocks personal reports with impact stories from these charities -- and everyone needs positive COVID-19 stories right about now!

  • Simplifies your giving experience and saves you time
  • Diversifies your donations and delivers you personal impact reports

All donations are 100% tax-deductible; by donating you will help provide the sustained support required to recover from this pandemic. In addition to supporting these top-rated charities on the front lines, personal Pledge Reports will be delivered to your inbox each month; these combine your real-time giving stats with impact stories detailing how these charities are putting your support to work!

Monthly donors (“Pledgers”): the platform securely automates your giving (first donation processed in 2-4 days, subsequent donations on the 15th each month), archive your tax receipts, and send you personalized impact reports.

One-time donors: the platform securely processes your donation immediately, and your tax receipt will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

All donations are securely processed using leading financial security measures together with Plaid & Stripe, and will appear on your Bank or Credit/Debit statement as either “COVID-19 Relief Donation or Percent Pledge Donation”. If you choose to link your bank with Plaid, then your donation will be automatically processed as an ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction. If you choose Credit/Debit with Stripe, then your donation will be processed as a CC/DC charge.

The recent $2.2 trillion CARES Act includes a tax incentive for charitable giving. Section 2204 establishes above-the-line (pre-tax) deductions for charitable contributions in 2020, up to $300. This means that you can now deduct up to $300 in charitable contributions from your 2020 taxable income, which will reduce your tax bill! For more on this, read our explainer here.

Donations are evenly distributed to each Cause Portfolio charity. If you split your Pledge between multiple Cause Portfolios, the even distribution remains; and if you used our 1M+ searchable charity database to “Build Your Own Portfolio,” the even distribution also remains--unless your Custom Portfolio has a single charity.

Charities receive their lump-sum donations each month. (Note: given the current pandemic, Percent Pledge may disburse lump-sum donations to COVID-19 portfolio or NY Tech Cares portfolio charities 2x per month).

A fee of 7.5% covers all standard transaction costs, donation processing, the cost of sending donations to the recipient charities, and the cost of creating and delivering your impact reports.