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Serving wounded heroes and their families.

Over 95% of your donated dollars directly benefit the emergency needs of our Wounded Heroes and Disabled Veterans. Since our inception in 2004, Operation First Response has raised over $8.5 Million Dollars and served over 17,000 wounded Heroes and their families.

We the People, the beneficiaries of their sacrifices, can never repay those Warriors who have been wounded in defense of our country.

But we can honor them. By striving every day to provide the support these Heroes need to return to active duty, or transition back into civilian life. OFR supports our Nation’s Active Duty Service Members, Disabled Veterans and their families with emergency financial aid.

Disasters are our business. Veterans are our passion.

Over 10,000 veterans have deployed to over 20 countries, with an initial response time of 24 hours or less.

Team Rubicon Global gives military veterans around the world the opportunity to continue to serve.

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. Team Rubicon operates in Australia, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom, and U.S. We have over 60,000 veterans, first responder, and civilian members world-wide.

Developing the next generation of American leaders.

The Pat Tillman Foundation has created a world-class community of military veterans and spouses, resulting in over $15 million of academic support for over 525 Tillman Scholars at more than 100 academic institutions nationwide.

Our vision at the Pat Tillman Foundation is to help develop the next generation of American public and private sector leaders committed to an idea or cause.

We have built the leading fellowship program for military veterans and spouses, accepting less than 5% of applicants based exclusively on merit and potential for impact. Through academic scholarships, a national network and professional development opportunities, Tillman Scholars are empowered to make an impact.