COVID-19 Relief Portfolio

Now is a really critical time to make a big impact. We curated a portfolio of six charities whose efforts are all positively impacting the fight against COVID-19. Make the pledge, and join our force for good.

Maximizing impact for these 3 areas:

1. Our most vulnerable communities without work or food.

2. Our healthcare workers and clinics on the front lines.

3. Our scientists working on a solution and future preparedness.

Support as a Company

With our new COVID-19 Relief Package, companies of any size can leverage our proprietary giving platform and impact reporting to help employees make and measure a positive impact during this critical time.

We'll build you a customized Pledge Portal, enabling employees to seamlessly support this Portfolio - or any other charities - and enabling you to match. Then we'll deliver each employee and your company personalized Pledge Reports; these combine giving stats with impact stories from the charities you're supporting.

Percent Pledge provides customized pledge portals for your company

Customized Pledge Portal

Percent Pledge provides a mew COVID-19 Relief Portfolio for your company

New COVID-19 Relief Portfolio

Percent Pledge provides customized pledge reports for your company

Customized Impact Reports

Join our force for good

Now is the time to make a big impact

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Percent Pledge’s COVID-19 Relief Portfolio

Together We Rise

UPchieve's Coronavirus Response, and Advice They Have for Others

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Workplace Philanthropy Enduring COVID-19


Percent Pledge's COVID-19 Relief Portfolio Charities

Feeding America

COVID-19 is now in all 50 states, but so is Feeding America.

Blessings in a Backpack

As little as $4 provides a Blessings bag of food to a child facing food insecurity now and when kids return to school.

National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics

Serving 1,400 clinics, 110,000 volunteers, and 2M+ uninsured patients.

CDC Foundation

CDCF is working closely with CDC to provide critical support where government support is not available or available rapidly enough to meet the need.

The Workers Fund

100% of donations go to workers who have lost their income and don't qualify for employer-based benefits.

Team Rubicon

66 COVID-19 response operations completed or underway across the U.S; 43 more in the planning stage.

Support as an Individual

Your donations are 100% tax deductible and will be distributed evenly across the COVID-19 Relief Portfolio charities.

What Can Your Pledge Do?

can provide a bag of food for 2 kids and families who are now food insecure.

can provide a bag of food for 5 kids and families who are now food insecure.

Average Monthly Pledge

can provide a bag of food for 10 kids and families who are now food insecure.

can provide a bag of food for 15 kids and families who are now food insecure.

can provide a bag of food for 20 kids and families who are now food insecure.

How much would you like to give?

Existing Pledger? Sign-in to your Dashboard and edit your Pledge to add the new COVID-19 Relief Portfolio.

BONUS: The $2.2 trillion CARES Act introduced the first above-the-line (pre-tax) deductions for charitable contributions. Now, donating at least $300 in 2020 will reduce your tax bill and save you money! Read our explainer on this new tax incentive here.