Technology to make your workplace giving program customizable and sustainable.

How Percent Pledge attracts, engages, + retains top talent:

Giving programs should reflect the diverse interests across your team.

Employees take our proprietary Passion Assessment, sharing their favorite causes and giving habits.

How you benefit:

  • done Results are packaged in a Passion Report for you to use as a resource
  • done Get matched with instant nonprofit partners from our large network of vetted orgs
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Employees deserve complete choice when it comes to giving.

Companies and employees donate to any registered 501(c)3 charity, with the option to pledge monthly or one-time.

How you benefit:

  • done Complete choice in giving leads to higher participation
  • done Saves you time from searching and vetting charities
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Matching programs should drive employee engagement and participation.

Amplify your company-wide impact and easily match employee donations — and we'll manage the tax receipts.

How you benefit:

  • done Every logistic of your matching program is taken care of from vetting top-rated charities, to distributing donations
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Workplace giving should provide transparency.

We deliver monthly Pledge Reports with real-time giving stats and top stories from the charities your team is supporting.

How you benefit:

  • done Complete transparency around giving and impact
  • done Ready-made cause marketing materials
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Employees should also have ways to donate their time.

Choose from live and virtual volunteer opportunities, connecting your team to each other and their communities.

How you benefit:

  • done Increased participation, with a customized volunteer program
  • done Increased brand awareness in your local community
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