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Employee Giving and Volunteering That's Simple, Trusted, and Transparent

The easiest way to be a better company.

Think of Us as Your CSR-in-a-Box

We're a one-stop shop for your corporate giving needs. Percent Pledge's corporate social responsibility solution does all the work for you—allowing your team to focus on growing your business:

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Giving Platform

Our giving platform delivers your team a central hub to make easy and transparent donations – no integration with entrenched systems required.

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Matching Donations

Increase the impact of your employees' giving with various levels of Pledge Matching – allowing you to find the right fit for your company.

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Volunteer Management

Offer employees experiential giving without doing all the work. We curate local volunteer experiences for your team – like a Volunteer Concierge.

Our Solution is Easy and Impactful for Your Company to Introduce

Easy Engagement

We know how to engage your team in giving. And better yet, we know how to do so without adding more to your plate.

  • Pre-launch Co-working Session
  • Custom Platform Build
  • Platform Updates & Maintenance
  • Volunteer Concierge
  • Charity Vetting & Research

Holistic Giving

We provide employees a central giving hub, enhancing philanthropic efforts while eliminating administrative lift.

  • Company & Custom Cause Portfolios
  • Curated Volunteer Experiences
  • Seasonal Cause Campaigns
  • Automated Matching Donation
  • Pyramid Scheme for Good

Transparent Impact

We measure and track your giving, making it easy to showcase your impact to stakeholders.

  • Monthly Company Pledge Reports
  • Bi-weekly Employee Pledge Reports
  • Company Pledge Badges
  • Annual Tax Summaries

How It Works

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Employees arrive at your central giving hub.

From your company-branded platform, it takes employees just 3 minutes to sign up, aka Make The Pledge.

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Employees pledge support to the causes of their choice.

They can support what matters to them, selecting our pre-vetted Cause Portfolios or creating their own.

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Employees decide their monthly Pledge amount.

And if your company offers any of our pledge matching variations, it shows that you support their efforts, too.

A screen showing an example of an employer's Percent Pledge giving portal page

Employees sync up their bank or card info.

No need to onboard through payroll or manage the monthly donations. Our quick, secure payment method is beneficial for all parties.

That’s it! We take care of the rest.

We automate their monthly giving, track their impact as part of the team, and deliver them bi-weekly Pledge Reports with stories on the difference they’re making!

These Companies Have Made the Pledge

...Are You Ready to Make the Pledge Too?

In case you need more convincing, you should know that today's talent cares about giving.


64 percent

of millenials won't take a job from a company that doesn't have strong CSR practices*


84 percent

of millenials want their company to help them identify ways to get more involved in their communities*


88 percent

of millenials say their job is more fulfilling when given opportunities to positively impact social issues*

*Cone Millennial Engagement Study

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