For Companies

  • What do current partners say about Percent Pledge?


    CEO → “Launching Percent Pledge required minimal effort while delivering immediate tangible results: our team is empowered by the ability to impact the causes that resonate with them most as individuals, and the Pledge Reports deliver transparency and deep insights into our giving.” - Adam Siegel, Cultivate Labs (case study)

    CTO → “Percent Pledge has been a win-win that satisfies our employees’ desire to give back and makes giving a part of company culture.” - Ayo Jimoh, Visibly (video case study)

    Senior Director of People → “Percent Pledge has changed expectations; employees now expect giving to be an ongoing part of [SpotHero] culture and it’s great to have that full-team expectation around something so positive.” - Nikki Facchini, SpotHero (case study)

  • Why do companies partner with Percent Pledge?


    Companies partner with Percent Pledge for one main reason--understanding that today’s talent CARES but not having the internal capabilities to manage, measure, or market workplace philanthropy.

    Additionally, companies begin their partnership with Percent Pledge from two main starting points:

    1. We are starting from scratch and need help building our workplace philanthropy program/benefits.
    2. We have something in place (maybe $200 matching donation benefit or quarterly team volunteer events) but need help transforming our current giving and volunteering environment to one that is purposeful, engaging, and measurable.
  • What is included in a Percent Pledge partnership?


    Huge value, wrapped up into a full-service solution:

    1. Dedicated team of philanthropic experts
    2. Comprehensive data on your team’s philanthropy identities
    3. Custom giving and volunteering platform
    4. Curated team volunteer events
    5. Personalized impact reports
  • Do we need Percent Pledge if we already have a Cares Team or Culture Committee?


    Many of our clients have existing employee-led giving teams, such as SpotHero’s Happy Heroes, because those teams often need the tools to manage their initiatives and measure their impact.

    For them, and maybe you, Percent Pledge delivers those employee do-gooders a personalized technology that empowers them to engage more teammates and measure their positive impact.

    Another way to think of it: you have a marketing team but also likely have a marketing automation platform and partner with a marketing agency. Percent Pledge combines both those things in support of your Cares Team.

  • Do we need Percent Pledge if we already have giving benefits like matching donations or volunteer PTO?


    If you have existing giving benefits then there are two main ways partnering with Percent Pledge would add value:

    1. Eliminating any manual admin work, such as verifying that a recipient organization is a 501(c)3 registered charity, processing the matching donation, and filing the donation receipt. Note, performing HR tasks manually costs $4.51 for every point of data entry, per Ernst & Young.
    2. Getting employees to use those benefits! Many of your employees are donating to charity but don’t take the time to fill out the matching donation form and most of your employees don’t know where to start when it comes to finding volunteer opportunities for their volunteer PTO. We automate any matching donations and organize volunteer events for your team.
  • Our employees already give back on their own, how would partnering with Percent Pledge be an improvement on that?


    If that is the case then we are really setting each other up for success! Partnering with Percent Pledge would be an improvement on that because employees who positively associate your company with their favorite causes do not leave.

    We make it easy for your team to form that association--while simplifying their current giving--and then remind them of that association every month with personalized impact reports.

  • When it comes to partnering with Percent Pledge, why now?


    The answer to that is a little different for each company, but most companies partner with Percent Pledge because they realize that workplace giving programs have become table stakes to compete for today’s talent and want to create a culture of giving that’s purposeful, measurable, and sustainable.

    Additionally, we often ask this in return: Which of your other company initiatives positively impact these 3 areas--simultaneously?

    Your employee engagement

    Your employer brand

    The communities you serve

    Partnering with Percent Pledge presents a unique business case in which doing the right thing is also doing the right thing!

For Current Users

  • Is there a donation fee?


    Percent Pledge takes zero fees from your donations.

    Stripe and Plaid, our integrated payment processors, take 2.2% + .30 cents on all donations made via Credit/Debit card and 0.08% on all donations made via Bank/ACH, which is lower than standard transaction fees for any online donations, whether indirect on other giving platforms or direct on nonprofit websites. Your entire net donation goes directly to the causes + charities you choose to support via Percent Pledge.

  • How is my donation processed?


    Your donation is processed by Percent Pledge Foundation at The Giving Back Fund, Tax ID 04-3367888, a not-for-profit corporation with federal tax-exempt status from the IRS under section 501(c)(3).

  • Is this donation anonymous? Will my company know who I'm donating to? Will my name be shared with the nonprofits I support on the Pledge Portal?


    Yes, all donations made via the Pledge Portal are anonymous.

    Your name and contact information will not be shared with the nonprofit organizations you support (unless you contact us otherwise at help@percentpledge.org).

    Similarly, the specific nonprofits and amounts that you donate will not be disclosed to your company, if your account is provided as a company benefit.

  • What happens to my account when I am no longer with my company?


    When you leave your company, please contact us at help@percentpledge.org to transfer your account to an individual user account associated with your preferred email address. Your account and donations will be disconnected from your company. You can keep giving at percentpledge.org, including editing your monthly Pledge, accessing receipts, continuing to receive Pledge Reports and giving one time.

    If you would prefer to stop your monthly Pledge altogether, you can cancel your account by emailing us at help@percentpledge.org.

  • What do the charitable tax incentives in the CARES Act mean for me?


    The 2020 CARES Act permanently introduced a new above-the-line tax incentive for charitable giving into the tax code. This means that you can deduct up to $300 in donations from your taxable income, which will reduce your annual tax bill. And since this is the first above-the-line (or pre-tax) deduction of this kind, you can take this deduction and the standard deduction, too. For more on this, read our explainer here.

About Percent Pledge

  • What is Percent Pledge?


    Percent Pledge is the first technology company to make workplace philanthropy personalized for companies of any size and employees at any level. You don’t have to be an “Enterprise” with a Corporate Social Responsibility team to engage your team in giving and you don’t have to be a “Philanthropist” with your name on a library to sustainably impact your favorite causes.

    Our proprietary technology empowers today’s talent to support their favorite causes and measure their positive impact.

  • What makes Percent Pledge different?


    Percent Pledge is not your average mission-driven tech company.

    For Companies of Any Size → Percent Pledge enables companies of any size to create customized programs that authentically enhance employee engagement and employer brand.

    A Subscription for Giving → Our proprietary technology and impact reporting form today’s most impactful subscription service. You have subscriptions for everything, this is your subscription for giving!

    Our subscription-giving model makes giving (which is scientifically proven to increase happiness) an automatic part of everyday life, and our Pledge Reports create an ongoing feedback loop that fuels employee engagement, cause marketing, and increased impact!

    Employee Voice & Choice → People (and companies) care about different causes, so we designed our Pledge Portals to be inclusive of that diversity. Our Cause Portfolios--think charity mutual-fund--make each donor’s giving experience simple yet personalized.

    Measure Your Impact → We deliver 2 types of personalized impact reports right to your inbox every month...every other giving platform delivers 0. Our Pledge Reports make it fun for teams to see--and share--their collective impact.

    Easy for Everyone → It takes companies 3 hours to partner with Percent Pledge and it takes employees 3 minutes to Make the Pledge and automatically support their favorite causes.

  • Who does Percent Pledge help?


    Individuals/Employees → We empower individuals to automatically support their favorite causes and measure their positive impact.

    Companies → We enable companies to create customized employee engagement programs that make philanthropy an engaging, measurable, and sustainable part of their culture and brand.

    Charities → We connect charities to new donors, new recurring donations, and new corporate partners.