Simply put, Percent Pledge is the easiest way to be a better person! Percent Pledge is a cool new giving platform that empowers you to make giving back a bigger part of life, by bringing trust, transparency, and SIMPLICITY to monthly giving.

The platform enables you to donate a percent of each month’s pay to the causes you care about most! We diversify and maximize your impact with our Cause Portfolios and then work with our top-rated charity partners to make sure you stay continuously updated on how your money is being put to work. So each month your pledge is automatically and securely sent to the charities you support, and they say thanks by updating you on the impact! Lastly, we organize your donation receipts and send you a report with them all in one when tax season rolls around.

Percent Pledge is great for individuals or employers. To learn more about how employers can offer Percent Pledge to their employees, check out our Employers page.

You can sign up (or Make the Pledge as we call it) in two different ways: as an individual or as an employee through your employer.

To make the pledge as an individual, click the big green “Make the Pledge” button in the top right and go through our simple and quick onboarding process!

To make the pledge as an employee, your employer first needs to use Percent Pledge to power their employee giving. If your employer isn’t already signed up, we’re happy to work with them to create their own customized, free version of the Percent Pledge platform.

Percent Pledge for employers doesn’t require any big implementation or integration with existing HR solutions, it just sits right next to what is already in place and we provide some best practices on how to optimize the platform within the organization. The process only takes a couple of days to set up and it provides your employer with the option to match your pledge. To get this process moving, connect with us at employers@percentpledge.org.

Both options are free, and both methods are great to give back more simply and transparently.

Your donation is automatically processed once each month, usually occurring on the same day each month.

If you choose to link your bank with Plaid--one of the great payment processors we built into the platform--then your donation will be automatically processed each month as a recurring ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction.

If you choose Credit/Debit with Stripe--the other great payment processor we built into the platform--then your donation will be automatically processed each month as a recurring charge

Both options are secure and in either case the transactions will show up as "PERCENT PLEDGE".

More info on Plaid - https://plaid.com/how-it-works

More info on Stripe - https://stripe.com/about


To make the pledge as an employee, your employer needs to use Percent Pledge to power their employee giving. See here for how that process works. We would work with your employer to set up their own customized platform that would be accessible to you and your colleagues. It’s free and provides your employer simple dashboarding on how much the team is giving back, to which causes, etc. We even offer ways for your employer to match your pledge-- enabling both parties to create an even greater impact together!

You certainly can...we encourage it!

You can invite friends at the end of onboarding, once you’ve made the pledge, or from your personal dashboard. We provide you with a custom link that you can share any way you prefer. Then we track who made the pledge using your link. This allows us to show which friends you invited to our movement, and also provides insights into how much additional impact YOU create as a result of those invites.

Our Cause Portfolios are like charity mutual-funds. Like a mutual-fund, your pledge gets diversified across the portfolio, as opposed to going just one place. But unlike a real mutual-fund, our Cause Portfolios are not investments where you will see a financial return. Instead, the return is a constant stream of updates on your impact.

To choose our six Cause Portfolios, we did some surveying and research - asking hundreds of people which causes they cared the most about and would be most likely to give to on a regular basis. We narrowed it down to a list of six:

  • Animals & Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Inequality
  • Veterans
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Youth & Education

These portfolios, and the accomplished partners in each, may change over time as we grow. We are open to feedback to help us make those decisions moving forward. Please share your feedback at contact@percentpledge.org.

We did quite a bit of homework, and worked together with the great team at The Giving Back Fund (whose staff has over 200 years of experience in philanthropy) to find accomplished charities doing highly effective work to positively impact the cause their organization aligns with. Through this process, we looked at some key criteria:

  • Is this organization in the top rating classes on Charity Navigator, Guidestar, or GreatNonprofits?
  • Is this organization putting at least 80% of their funding towards actual program expenses?
  • Is this organization transparent in sharing information on where donor money is going?
  • Is this organization established with at least $1M in annual funding?
  • Is this organization inclusive of the populations they support through diversity of staff and board?

We are always open to suggestions for charities we should partner with in the future. Please share your feedback at contact@percentpledge.org.

You can select which Cause Portfolios they’d like to donate to, but unfortunately there is no way to select specific charities within those portfolios. This is because we created the Cause Portfolios to diversify your impact in the most simple way possible, and prevent you from having to research millions of charities on your own. In short, to keep it simple, your Percent Pledge has to be made at the portfolio level.

However, if you explore our Cause Portfolios section and decide there is a given partner you want to give to in particular, we suggest donating to them directly! We provide a link to each partner’s website on the Cause Detail and Partner pages to do just that.

95% of your pledge goes directly to the top-rated charities within whichever Cause Portfolio(s) you choose to impact. The remaining 5% is a combination of our service fee and transaction fee.

At the end of each month, we take the total value of everyone’s pledges for each Cause Portfolio and automatically disburse that aggregate value evenly across all the charities within each Cause Portfolio. So, just as your Percent Pledge is withdrawn on a monthly basis, the charities you’re impacting receive your pledge on a monthly basis.

We have set up a 501(c)3 charity! We have worked together with our fiscal sponsor The Giving Back Fund to create the Percent Pledge Foundation. With our foundation in place, your Percent Pledge is completely tax deductible.

To help eliminate some of the stress of tax season, we compile and send you a simple report that has all your donation receipts for however long you have been a pledger. We also provide some helpful tips on how to make use of that report and where it should be used on your tax forms.

If you need your donation receipts earlier than tax season, you can let us know within your dashboard and we will get them to you sooner.