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90% of Team Engages in Workplace Giving

Internet | 200 employees

Used offerings

  • Impact reporting
  • Volunteering
  • Donations
  • Charity vetting
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Workplace giving programs are not only a great way to make a collective impact within a company but are also a crucial source of employee recruitment, engagement, and loyalty., an automated messaging platform for tech-savvy marketers, understands the importance of corporate social responsibility as it brings many benefits to its purpose-driven company with like-minded, philanthropic employees.


To pursue workplace philanthropy benefits and build trust within team members, conducts end-of-year giving campaigns but struggled with giving employees choice. 

In 2019, every team member had a set dollar amount to donate to five organizations. In 2020, we pivoted since team members were asking for more individual representation to where they wanted to donate. But this turned into a heavy burden for me with surveys, spreadsheets, manual donations, and much more. After the extremely manual and time-consuming process in 2020, I was set to find a solution to allow our team members to choose where they want to make an impact.

Alyssa Welch, People and Culture

To build on’s workplace giving, its People team also added employee volunteering as a benefit for team building, but it wasn’t taken advantage of often.

We have always encouraged team members to take advantage of volunteer opportunities during the workday. But it never picked up steam because we didn’t have the time and manpower to dedicate to all of the intricacies.

Alyssa, People and Culture

Having trouble scaling its workplace philanthropy initiatives, turned to Percent Pledge as an all-in-one solution for seamless employee volunteering and giving. 

Percent Pledge’s workplace giving solution

Percent Pledge is the only platform that offers everything listed below – and purchased the full bundle: 

  1. Employee giving assessment and company-wide report
  2. Nonprofit vetting
  3. Matching donations
  4. Cause Credits
  5. Team volunteering
  6. Impact reporting

And their decision to implement Percent Pledge’s entire suite of offerings has been hugely successful for 

In just one month, 90% of employees engaged with the giving platform and donated nearly $80,000.

To further explain what has led to this great success, shared how they have benefited most from partnering with Percent Pledge. 

Provides a total workplace giving solution launched its social impact program in late November 2021. From matching donations and employee volunteering to impact reporting, Percent Pledge takes care of all of the workplace philanthropy program logistics.

If you want a well thought out solution where your company values stand out and the heavy lifting is taken care of, then Percent Pledge is a perfect choice. It can grow with your company, and there is more than just giving back monetarily; they can help your team volunteer as well. Percent Pledge is the total solution.

Alyssa, People and Culture

To build a customized workplace program and a total solution for, Percent Pledge began by administering its proprietary Employee Passion Assessment. Then, Percent Pledge built the customized Pledge Portal with the assessment results as a guide.

Exceeds workplace philanthropy goals

Starting with the Passion Assessment ensures high employee engagement and high program adoption as the program reflects team members’ passions. Plus, the Pledge Portal gives each team member an easy way to donate to the causes and charities they care about most, which directly aligns with and helps exceed the People team’s goals and expectations. had great participation in its end-of-year giving campaign, which set expectations high for 2021. also aims to make an even more significant impact in 2022 by introducing employee volunteering with Percent Pledge.

With Percent Pledge, we shattered our goal with 90% participation! Plus, with our volunteering in Greece and virtual volunteer opportunities that Percent Pledge has in the works, we're excited to go well beyond our end-of-year giving.

There is no way we would have been able to accomplish this all ourselves. You have exceeded our goals and we know there is more to come!

Alyssa, People and Culture

As part of their launch, gave each employee $500 in matching donations and $500 in Cause Credits to use on their Pledge Portal. Cause Credits are, employee-directed donations or – put another way – free dollars for employees to direct to whichever causes or charities they care about most.

By the end of December 2021, 90% of team members donated nearly $80,000.

The work Percent Pledge is doing for us is taking a lot off of Alyssa’s shoulders and making it much more scalable as we grow. I am very excited for Percent Pledge to take our impact to the next level.

Lacey Budd, PR

Personalized a solution that is simple and can scale

In addition to exceeding the People team’s goals, Percent Pledge created a flexible and personalized workplace giving program while also having a very simple buying process.

Percent Pledge set itself apart with the organization and personalization of the whole process and program. For example, the buying process was so fast and seamless with Danielle [VP of Sales @ Percent Pledge] being so knowledgeable, kind, understanding, energetic, and passionate about Percent Pledge. She really stood out to me and made me feel comfortable that Percent Pledge would solve all of our challenges.

From the simple buying process to hopping right into a volunteer opportunity in a different country and sharing ready-to-send comms, everything is so professional, buttoned-up, and flexible, which is exactly what we need.

Alyssa, People and Culture

Along with managing the matching donations and Cause Credits, Percent Pledge prepared communication templates to help drive engagement during the end-of-year giving campaign. Percent Pledge is also currently planning volunteer opportunities virtually and in Greece for’s widely dispersed team.

Created a single platform for employee volunteering and donations

Percent Pledge also helps engage its employees and grow their collective impact all in one place.

Having both employee donations and volunteering wrapped into a single platform is amazing for me since other services only offer one or the other.

Alyssa, People and Culture

Employees also love the Pledge Portal as they have a choice in where they want to make an impact. 

As a front-end user, the platform is incredibly easy to use and it was a cool experience finding nonprofits I want to impact. Also, it is very cool to have team members be able to say:

'My company empowers me to donate to charities I care about. And they help me make an impact through Cause Credits and matching donations.'

Lacey, PR

Attracts talent sustainably

Percent Pledge is also providing a source of competitive differentiation with attracting today’s talent. This is key for talent acquisition as is a fast-growing technology company.

Incoming talent is so much more intentional in choosing a company to work for, like aligning their personal values with the company’s.

With Percent Pledge, we can be more thoughtful in promoting our philanthropic benefits on career pages and showing the impact we have already made. The more impact we can highlight, the more talent we will attract in the future.

Lacey, PR

Percent Pledge continues to provide its easy-to-use technology & social impact experts for's global team to make a positive impact every day. 


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Why companies partner with us:

  • One platform for donations, volunteering, and reporting.
  • Easy to manage for you, easy to use for your employees.
  • A searchable database of more than 1.5 million verified charities.
  • In-person, skills-based, and virtual volunteering events.
  • Personalized monthly impact reports delivered on a per-employee and company-wide level. Plus, real-time impact dashboards.