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Corporate Volunteering Engages 200+ AuditBoard Employees


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AuditBoard – a fast-growing technology company transforming how enterprises manage risk with a modern connect risk platform that is used by 30% of the Fortune 500 – is a company that cares. It should be no surprise that AuditBoard wanted to make social impact a core component of its 2022 company all-hands. 

Looking for expert help in engaging employees in giving at scale, AuditBoard turned to Percent Pledge. 

We partnered with Percent Pledge because it allowed us to engage our employees in giving successfully at scale. Our company is rapidly growing, we have employees worldwide, and we wanted to reaffirm to our employees that we not only care about them as individuals but also about what matters to them.

Phoebe, Solutions Advisor


Before Percent Pledge, AuditBoard had invested in a wide variety of workplace giving initiatives – providing all employees 8 hours of paid volunteer time off (VTO), providing their employee resource groups (ERGs) executive sponsorship and budget to support local nonprofits, and establishing a brand-aligned scholarship program with the Institute of Internal Auditors – because: 

All of these align with AuditBoard’s value of caring; caring about our people, our product, our customers, and, of course, our community.

Phoebe, Solutions Advisor

With Percent Pledge, AuditBoard was able to dedicate half of their 2022 all-hands event in California to a company-wide day of impact through corporate volunteering.

How Percent Pledge’s social impact experts brought AuditBoard’s corporate volunteering day to life

To achieve the scale AuditBoard needed to effectively engage its global workforce in corporate volunteering during its company all-hands, Percent Pledge’s team of social impact experts: 

  1. Designed four different volunteer project scopes that would accommodate to AuditBoard’s location to ensure over 200 employees could engage in the volunteer day.
  2. Enabled AuditBoard to choose from multiple different project options to ensure the project aligned with its requirements, timing, and location. AuditBoard chose a Bike Build.
  3. Managed all the pre-event planning and logistics.
  4. Vetted local nonprofits that would benefit from receiving 50 bicycles, which also aligned with the focus AuditBoard provided – supporting children of immigrant families.
  5. Identified two organizations to receive 50 bicycles and provided additional support in planning for a small group of AuditBoard employees to deliver the bicycles to the children after the main bike build event.
  6. Created the AuditBoard Bike Build Impact Report.

How AuditBoard’s employee volunteering day created “an overwhelming sense of fulfillment for employees”

By the end of the AuditBoard Bike Build Volunteer Event, over 200 employees had built 50 bicycles for children of immigrant families.

Personally, that day of bike building was one of my favorite days at AuditBoard. It was amazing and met with resoundingly positive feedback from leadership. And employees stepped forward with sentiments, finding the event to be a wholesome experience that validated their decision to join AuditBoard.

Naturally, the employees loved giving back and felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do so. And the fact that the employees were doing this together with their employer really brought a deep sense of fulfillment that we felt throughout the day. It was simply incredible!

Phoebe, Solutions Advisor

AuditBoard gives bikes to children from immigrant families

How AuditBoard’s service day created new connections between employees

Percent Pledge and AuditBoard intentionally randomized the bike-building teams to span across functions, which allowed new and old employees to meet different colleagues within several departments.

Colleagues that had never met were laughing together by the end as building bikes (something nobody had done before) was a natural ice breaker. It was a ton of fun!

Phoebe, Solutions Advisor

AuditBoard employees build bikes with handwritten notes for children from immigrant families

How AuditBoard’s service day engaged employees at all levels

Often employee volunteering is seen as a benefit provided to employees by leadership. But not for AuditBoard, where “leadership is all for social impact and social change.” This day of service engaged everyone at all levels. 

Many of the people that were getting their hands dirty building those bikes were our executives. Everyone participated in the event, which was very cool to see.

Phoebe, Solutions Advisor

AuditBoard employees build bikes with handwritten notes for children from immigrant families

How the day of the AuditBoard event was an incredible experience for everyone

Percent Pledge paired AuditBoard with YMCA Long Beach, which aligned with employees' passions and what matters to them. Plus, Percent Pledge sent an employee to ensure the day of the corporate volunteering event went smoothly. 

It was an absolute pleasure to partner with Percent Pledge for our Bike Build Team Event. Percent Pledge helped us find the YMCA Long Beach, an amazing nonprofit organization whose mission really resonated with our diverse employee base.

We even were partnered with a Percent Pledge employee, Abby, who was so helpful throughout the day. Percent Pledge took care of the logistics of the event, and Abby helped throughout the whole event, right down to giving bikes to the children. It was such an incredible experience.

Phoebe, Solutions Advisor

Moving forward, AuditBoard will continue to turn to Percent Pledge

We will always have Percent Pledge in mind when we engage in social impact goals, given the success that we've had in partnering with you. And we will always hope to keep the relationship with Percent Pledge strong because your meaningful work has such a great impact!

Phoebe, Solutions Advisor

Check out the incredible impact AuditBoard made in their personalized impact report.



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