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Vimeo Easily Expands to a Global CSR Program with Percent Pledge


Software development | 1,300 employees

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  • Giving
  • Impact reporting
  • Volunteering
  • Charity vetting
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This case study will share everything from Vimeo’s problems and concerns to Percent Pledge’s perfect solutions. Here’s a sneak peek:

Percent Pledge allows us to make an impact in every way we can with its various tools and features around volunteering and charitable giving. It feels authentic, I’m proud of our work together, and I'm able to leverage our money and resources to make an effective, meaningful impact.

Lenna, Social Impact Program Manager @ Vimeo

Vimeo is the world's most innovative video experience platform. In 2022, Vimeo hired its first Social Impact Program Manager to formalize its CSR and ESG efforts. Vimeo’s primary measure of success is engaging employees, as engaged employees are more likely to be excited and involved in the larger social impact initiatives and goals.

After Vimeo went public, its parent company’s benefits were adopted, which included a social impact platform. Vimeo faced multiple challenges with the CSR platform such as uneven support for global employees, high cost, and an unfriendly user experience. 


Vimeo faced three significant challenges and concerns with its parent company’s social impact platform:

Lack of globality

Only US employees were able to access Vimeo’s social impact platform. During a global crisis, Vimeo had to be very cautious in communicating its response and build workarounds to ensure that its entire team was inspired to participate and support the initiative. 

During times of crisis, especially ones that directly impact your colleagues, you want to be able to work quickly and provide seamless support. Not having all of our team members on one giving platform added additional obstacles to an already stressful situation.

Lenna, Social Impact Program Manager @ Vimeo

Budgetary concerns

Vimeo’s previous social impact platform offered employees to participate globally at an extreme cost.

I advocated for us to expand our social impact platform globally, but it was going to be really expensive to just get employees on the platform. I did a cost-benefit analysis and discovered alternatives to accomplishing the same thing at a significantly lower cost.

Lenna, Social Impact Program Manager @ Vimeo

Fear of time-consuming and difficult implementation

The Vimeo social impact team just got its feet on the ground after finalizing its CSR program. They were concerned implementing and transitioning to a new platform would be a drain on resources.

I was worried about the confusion around a new system, as I dedicated a lot of time championing our team to use the previous social impact platform.

Lenna, Social Impact Program Manager @ Vimeo


Percent Pledge creates tailored social impact programs, empowering companies and their employees to donate to and volunteer for the trusted charities they care about most

After completing a thorough cost-benefit analysis of all social impact platforms, Vimeo chose Percent Pledge as the means to solve the challenges facing its social impact program.

Equitable and global social impact platform

Percent Pledge offers a complete global solution, including global employee access, matching donations, and customer volunteer events.

I’m now able to openly advocate for our social impact platform rather than tailoring my communications because we now offer our matching donation program to all employees.

Lenna, Social Impact Program Manager @ Vimeo

Cost-effective CSR platform

Percent Pledge offers everything you need for giving and volunteering from A to Z. And in the most cost-effective way. 

We saved a lot of money that now can be invested in our employees and community.

Lenna, Social Impact Program Manager @ Vimeo

Seamless implementation

Percent Pledge completely squashed the Vimeo social impact team’s implementation concerns by providing everything at their fingertips at the right time. Whether it was dealing with the legalities of partnerships or setting up HRIS, Percent Pledge ensured Vimeo’s transition was seamless.

After implementation, Percent Pledge didn’t stop there. Hosting 3 info sessions for all Vimeo employees, Percent Pledge demonstrated the platform ensuring employees felt confident in navigating the new system. In fact, during the info sessions, Vimeo employees didn’t have any questions concerning the easy-to-use platform, they were motivated and extremely excited to start making an impact that involved their entire team.

The transition and implementation process was easier than expected and very frictionless. The Percent Pledge team was awesome and super helpful.

Lenna, Social Impact Program Manager @ Vimeo

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Why companies partner with us:

  • One platform for donations, volunteering, and reporting.
  • Easy to manage for you, easy to use for your employees.
  • A searchable database of more than 1.5 million verified charities.
  • In-person, skills-based, and virtual volunteering events.
  • Personalized monthly impact reports delivered on a per-employee and company-wide level. Plus, real-time impact dashboards.