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Armis Takes a Bite Out of Hunger in London

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Cori Hammoor • Director of Marketing

Picture this: 20 Armis volunteers, sleeves rolled up and smiles wide, aren't crunching numbers but crunching carrots! They're not in conference rooms but in the vibrant community center of Calthorpe Community Garden, London, their hands busy measuring, pouring, and packing ingredients into individual emergency meals with Feed the Hungry. This volunteer event wasn't just about filling bellies – it was about nourishing connections and cultivating a sense of community.


In the spirit of the holiday giving season, Armis asked Percent Pledge to plan a meaningful volunteer event for team members in London. Percent Pledge's social impact managers found and partnered with two incredible organizations – Feed the Hungry, providing life-saving meals to the vulnerable, and Calthorpe Community Garden, fostering an inner-city green space and community center – aligned perfectly with Armis's values of giving back and fostering connections.

An Assembly Line of Hope and Healing

The bustling energy of the Calthorpe Community Center transformed into an assembly line of hope. Arms volunteers, working hand-in-hand, weren't just packing 10,000 meals for families facing food insecurity – they were building bonds with colleagues, sharing laughter, and creating memories that would last long after the last meal is delivered.


"It was amazing to bond with colleagues while doing something good for the community," shared one Armis volunteer. "We worked together, laughed together, and created memories that will last long after the last meal is delivered."

As another volunteer put it, "I felt humbled by what I was doing and who I was doing it for. I really enjoyed the day and would love to do it again."

Beyond Meals, Cultivating Connections and Growth

But the impact extended beyond the packed meals. Before diving into the assembly line, the Armis team was treated to a tour of the beautiful Calthorpe Community Garden. Walking through the verdant oasis, they learned about the garden's vital role in providing fresh produce, educational opportunities, and a green haven for the local community.


This immersive experience further strengthened the connection between Armis and the community they were impacting. It was a win-win – volunteers helped nourish bellies and spirits, while experiencing the power of community gardening firsthand.

Feed the Hungry and Calthorpe Community Garden: Beacons of Hope and Growth

Feed the Hungry has been a beacon of hope in the fight against hunger for over 30 years, providing nutritious meals to critically ill individuals, families, and others facing food insecurity. Their dedication to tailoring meals to specific dietary needs is truly inspiring.

Calthorpe Community Garden is a vibrant hub of green and community spirit, offering fresh produce, educational activities, and a welcome respite for local residents. Their dedication to fostering health, environmental awareness, and social connection is heartening.

With every meal packed and seed sown, Armis, Percent Pledge, Feed the Hungry, and Calthorpe Community Garden played their part in a shared mission – alleviating hunger, supporting the community, and building a more connected world.

We hope this blog post inspires you to build a culture of giving at your organization.

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