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110 Betterment Volunteers Beautify NYC’s Forest Park with City Parks

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Cori Hammoor • Marketing Manager

In May 2023, 110 Betterment teammates volunteered with City Parks, fencing a 275-foot perimeter garden and collecting 36 bags of litter, weeds, and leaves. Their total impact came to $24,420!

At Percent Pledge, we create tailored social impact programs, empowering companies and their employees to donate to and volunteer for the trusted charities they care about most. Our Social Impact Managers work with each customer closely to ensure volunteer events are customized to the company’s values and inclusive of employees’ passions. They recently planned a highly personalized event for Betterment, an investing and savings app.

The Betterment team had a passion for making an impact in person with a large group while aligning with their employees’ passions. After thoroughly researching and vetting several nonprofits to work with, Percent Pledge recommended City Parks. NYC Betterment immediately jumped at the opportunity. 

Our team of Social Impact Managers then planned an incredible event that engaged 110 Betterment employees. In May 2023, the Betterment team beautified Forest Park, ensuring a safe healthy, and welcoming space for the community. Their company-wide service day consisted of fencing in a garden, planting trees, removing invasive weeds and plants, and general clean-up. In addition, the tools Betterment used to clean the park have now been donated to the park staff and will help them continue their maintenance work in the future.

The event not only served the NYC community, but the Betterment team benefited as well. They enjoyed the unique team-building experience, meeting team members they might not interact with on a day-to-day basis, and exercising new and old leadership, communication, and critical thinking muscles. These are just some of the benefits of corporate volunteering.

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