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Making Workplace Giving Easier for Our Community

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Lee Eliav • Vice President of Marketing

The Percent Pledge team has been busy making improvements to our platform and bringing exciting innovations to the workplace giving market. We're also excited to share how we're making workplace giving easier for companies and more impactful for everyone.

Enhanced campaigns functionality

We've greatly expanded the functionality of our Campaigns feature. Campaigns now empower administrators to set up, monitor, track, and market the impact of a social impact campaign in real-time. With the new feature, Campaigns can now include and measure giving and volunteering elements, tracking progress against goals and driving employee engagement like never before.

We foresee campaigns being extremely useful for:

  • Enabling ERGs to promote a giving and volunteering drive in honor of a cause month such as Black History Month.
  • Rallying a team together to achieve a donation goal for the holiday season.
  • Bringing employees together to support victims of a crisis or disaster
  • Celebrating and measuring a month-long volunteering celebration at a company.
    Percent Pledge Campaigns

Israeli and Palestinian Support Cause Portfolios

With the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel, we wanted to make it easy to support those impacted in Gaza and Israel. Our team of social impact managers sifted through hundreds of nonprofits to find the ones doing the most impactful work. The Support Israeli Communities and Support Gaza Communities Cause Portfolios each feature four organizations doing work on the ground to help with the humanitarian relief efforts for civilians in these locations.

Zooniverse Virtual Volunteer Event

The Percent Pledge team recently kicked off our holiday giving season with a virtual volunteer event with members of our community. During the event, 23 volunteers counted, identified, and tracked over 1,300 animals by analyzing photos taken by trail cameras placed in Kenyan conservation field sites. This helps scientists better understand the behavior and population of the wildlife so they can develop plans to save these magnificent creatures.

Zooniverse Impact Report

We're excited to see how our community uses these new features and resources to make a difference in the world this holiday season and beyond. Please share your own stories with us about how you're using Percent Pledge to make a difference!






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