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How to Celebrate National Mentoring Month at Your Company

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Cori Hammoor • Director of Marketing

National Mentoring Month is a time to celebrate the power of mentoring and the positive impact it can have on people’s lives. Mentoring enables people to unleash their full potential and can give your company the opportunity to engage employees in career planning and skill development, as well as promoting mental well-being. Mentoring programs enables companies to engage employees and help them become more productive.

How your company can celebrate National Mentoring Month

The following initiatives were curated by our team of social impact experts that execute thoughtful social impact efforts for our customers every day. Some of these initiatives are easy enough to accomplish internally, but for others, you will need to lean on a social impact program or team. 

Don’t have a social impact program or team? Learn more about Percent Pledge powered customized social impact programs, a single source for donations, volunteering, charity vetting, & impact reports.

[1] Donations

Percent Pledge's Mentoring Cause Portfolio contains three amazing, thoroughly vetted nonprofits that help take the guesswork out of choosing the right organization for your company and employees to donate to and partner with.

National CARES Mentoring Movement

The National CARES Mentoring Movement secures, heals, and transforms the lives of impoverished Black children by inspiring, recruiting, and mobilizing masses of caring men and women. Their national group-mentoring programs focus on emotional, social, and academic development.

Eye to Eye

Improving the educational experience and outcomes of every student who learns differently, like those with specific learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is ​​Eye to Eye's mission. Eye to Eye unlocks greatness in millions of students, parents, and educators every day.


MENTOR fuels the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships for young people and works to close the mentoring gap for the one in three young people growing up without this critical support.

Percent Pledge allows all companies and employees to donate to these nonprofits simultaneously through its Workplace Giving Platform.

[2] Volunteering

Time is the most valuable commodity, and volunteering your company’s time, while inspiring your employees to do the same, is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Volunteering is the perfect team-building event and can have a positive impact on your employees and organization.

Make a difference in children's lives

Organize a group of employees to mentor youth through one of dozens of National CARES Mentoring Movement chapters across the country. Chances are there’s a chapter right in your company’s backyard.

You’re hired!

Volunteer employees to participate in Per Scholas or Generation USA mock interviews, which help young people gain interview experience so they can get a new job or pivot to a new career.

Make great futures a reality

Encourage your employees to support students through their local Boys & Girls Club. It’s super easy to get involved, and BGCA is an organization that helps inspire millions of children.

[3] Other great mentoring opportunities 

Inspire your employees to get involved and show their support. No gesture is too small.

Bring a mentee to work

Give mentors the opportunity to bring their mentees to work. Events could include; career panels, mock interviews, and the opportunity for mentees to shadow others. It’s a great way for young people to see what a day-in-the-life really looks like. It helps them envision their future as well as those career paths they may not have otherwise known about.

Start your own employee mentoring program

​​Begin by sharing your own mentoring story with your employees, and then have them start their own employee-focused mentoring program. It’s a great opportunity to engage employees in career planning and skill development as well as promoting mental well-being in the workplace.

Find a breakdown of each of these efforts and more for your company to make a positive impact this January by downloading our Mentoring kit. Again, if you need help pursuing these initiatives, learn more about Percent Pledge’s proven social impact program and team of experts by requesting a demo

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