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Employee giving trends: report to ignite your workplace giving program

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Cori Hammoor • Marketing Manager

We analyzed 3,000+ results from our proprietary Employee Passion Assessment to identify how employees need and want workplace philanthropy benefits in their companies. 

The Employee Passion Assessment asks employees of customers questions about how they want to give back and what they care about most. We then use the employee voices and invaluable insights to create and customize the most effective and engaging social impact programs that are a balance of brand-aligned and employee-driven.

By analyzing employees' passions, we found astonishing results and trends that make a perfect business case for social impact at your company…

Employees need workplace philanthropy for an improved employee experience

90% of employees feel that giving back at work will improve their employee experience.

Social impact is a critical piece of employee engagement, and 9 in 10 employees agree. Just as you help employees positively impact your customers, also help them positively impact your communities. While creating this sticky employee experience, social impact also improves employee retention, employee happiness, and employer brand. It wins ALL around!

Employees want to give back in various ways

Nearly 6 in 10 employees prefer to donate and volunteer.

It is key to empower employees with choice, especially for remote-heavy teams. Doing so will make your program more inclusive, and drive far higher participation.

Employee giving trends report

Employees are currently philanthropically active

Nearly 6 in 10 employees are currently supporting causes or nonprofits.

Most of your employees are giving back outside of work today! Help them create a positive association between their causes and your company, since it is proven to increase employee loyalty (and thus, reduce employee turnover). Plus, employees want to give back with their coworkers!

“I have been seeking volunteer opportunities and have been struggling. It would be amazing if work can facilitate this, especially if it also allows me to connect with coworkers while volunteering!” one of the hundreds of employees’ feedback in wanting to give back with co-workers.

Employees appreciate their companies asking

Social impact is a critical piece to employee engagement that many companies are catching on to. But so many companies are missing a key ingredient to their workplace philanthropy program: the inclusivity of their employees’ passions (which is exactly the purpose behind our Employee Passion Assessment). 

When Percent Pledge collects employee data for clients, employees overwhelmingly express gratitude for being asked their passions, and how they would like to give back at work. Many also share their appreciation once they see that the program is actually inclusive of what employees care about. And those employees are always excited for and engaged with the social impact program.

Employee giving trends report

The data and findings are based on a number of responses from employees, some of which span multiple years from various industries and 50-1,000 employee head count.

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