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Engage Everyone: The Universal Appeal of Workplace Philanthropy

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In this current climate, HR, People, and Culture leaders are being asked to do more with less. They are under increasing pressure to deliver impactful employee benefits that cater to the diverse needs of their workforce while ensuring fiscal responsibility. It creates new challenges but creates space for reflection and creativity. 

Traditional employee benefits, although valuable, often serve only specific segments of an organization, limiting their overall impact and utilization. One example is tuition reimbursement programs, which are a fantastic resource but benefit primarily those pursuing further education. Another example is free or subsidized parking, which in urban areas where many employees might prefer public transportation, cycling, or walking, free or subsidized parking primarily benefits those who drive to work. And there are many more. This segmentation in benefits can lead to a significant portion of the workforce feeling left out, underutilized resources, and a lower return on investment for the company.

Enter workplace giving & volunteering programs. While not new by any means, we keep hearing our customers are now viewing them in a new light – as a shining example of an employee benefit with universal appeal. These programs stand out for their inclusivity, offering every employee, regardless of their role, level, or personal circumstances, the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities that impact the causes or communities they care about most. 

The universal desire to do good

The beauty of workplace philanthropy lies in its core principle: the innate human desire to contribute to the greater good. The appeal is rooted in a simple truth: everyone wants to do good. Regardless of our backgrounds, we all have causes close to our hearts and communities to which we feel a deep connection. These programs tap into this universal sentiment, offering a platform for employees to support the causes they care about, together with their colleagues. From environmental conservation to education and social justice, workplace giving and volunteering initiatives enable individuals to contribute to a wide range of causes, ensuring broad participation and engagement. And this widespread appeal is critical in today's diverse workforce as employees demand meaningful ways to connect with their peers and the broader community. 

Budget-friendly, high-impact solutions for HR, People, and Culture leaders

For HR and People leaders, the challenge of doing more with less has never been more pronounced. In this context, workplace giving and volunteering programs present a cost-effective solution that, when done right, is guaranteed to drive high employee engagement. We’re talking floors of 50% employee participation and ceilings of 100% employee participation. Unlike other benefits that require significant financial investment with limited reach, these programs can be tailored to accommodate varying budgets while maximizing impact. 

By fostering a culture of giving and community involvement, organizations can enhance employee satisfaction, bolster morale, and promote a positive corporate image—all without breaking the bank. Platforms like Percent Pledge to facilitate workplace giving campaigns cost a fraction of most enterprise software solutions, and employee volunteer programs like the ones we manage for customers cost a fraction of most org-wide events. 

Engaging the largest segment of your workforce

In the quest to engage the largest segment of the workforce, workplace giving and volunteering programs are unmatched. The inclusive nature of these programs ensures that every employee has the opportunity to participate. And the actual components of these programs uniquely unite employees across departments, levels, and locations around a common cause. Virtual volunteering, for example, is uniquely accessible for remote workers and uniquely effective at uniting distributed teams.

Meeting multiple objectives with a single initiative

Amidst competing priorities and limited resources, HR and People leaders are tasked with finding benefits that serve multiple objectives. Workplace giving and volunteering programs are exemplary in this regard, offering a multifaceted solution that addresses various organizational goals. These programs not only enhance employee engagement and satisfaction but also contribute to team building, leadership development, and corporate social responsibility efforts. By investing in these initiatives, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to social impact, employee well-being, and community engagement—all through a single, cost-effective program.

With HR and People leaders being asked to ‘shoot the moon’, workplace giving and volunteering programs stand out. By harnessing the universal desire to do good, organizations can foster a culture of giving and volunteering that resonates with every employee, delivers meaningful impact, and strengthens the community fabric. Workplace giving and volunteering programs offer you the best, most budget-friendly opportunity to successfully do more with less!

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