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How to Engage the Unengaged [Webinar]

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Cori Hammoor • Marketing Manager

Looking to engage employees? Industry and company leaders are now turning to workplace giving as the most effective way to engage employees, especially during challenging times.

With corporate giving as the leading engagement strategy, People, Culture, and Social Impact leaders are currently adopting workplace giving programs but don’t have a clear path to leveraging the program to connect employees to each other and the communities they serve. That’s why Percent Pledge hosted a webinar with the following panelists, who currently lead highly engaging corporate giving programs with thoughtful and unique strategies.

  1. Joel Pollick, Founder & CEO @ Percent Pledge
  2. Gene Gurkoff, Founder @ Charity Miles

This webinar provided company leaders with immediate action items on how you can effectively engage your employees in workplace giving.

After the webinar, Percent Pledge gathered the top 5 key strategies and takeaways to help you engage the unengaged.

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