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How To Enhance DEI Efforts Through Social Impact [Webinar]

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Cori Hammoor • Marketing Manager

HR, People, & Culture leaders are beginning to think about their company’s initiatives like matching campaigns, volunteer events, etc. around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. While creating and managing these efforts, it is important to keep in mind how their company can make a larger, more sustainable impact in their local community. 

DEI and positive social impact programs are different for every company, for good reason. There are, however, some best practices you can employ to build that connection between these two critical programs, especially as they depend on one another, and both benefit from their alliance.

Businesses are becoming increasingly thoughtful about managing their DEI and social impact efforts. That’s why Percent Pledge hosted a webinar with all of following all speaking firsthand from their best practices.

  1. Lilly Giraldo, Sr. Manager, Social Impact @ Cloudera
  2. Kirstin Powdrill, Community & Culture @ G2
  3. Meriem Bekka, Sr. Manager, Social Impact @ VMware

This webinar provided company leaders immediate action items (attendees reported) on uniting their teams around social impact.

After the webinar, Percent Pledge gathered the top 6 key strategies and takeaways to help you enhance your DEI efforts with social impact.

6 strategies to enhance DEI efforts with social impact

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