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Hercules Capital Makes a Meal of Volunteering with Community Servings

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Cori Hammoor • Marketing Manager

Hercules Capital, a leading global investment firm, recently partnered with Percent Pledge to organize a meaningful volunteer event for the Boston office with Community Servings, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing nutritious meals to people facing food insecurity. Together, the Hercules team and Community Servings made a significant impact on the lives of critically ill and food-insecure individuals across Massachusetts.

At Percent Pledge, we create tailored social impact programs, empowering companies and their employees to donate to and volunteer for the trusted charities they care about most. Our Social Impact Managers work hand in hand with each customer to ensure volunteer events are customized to the company’s values and inclusive of employees’ passions.

Hands-on Support for a Worthy Cause

For this event, the Hercules team rolled up their sleeves and spent the day chopping vegetables, portioning soups and stews, and packaging meal bags at Community Servings' production and packaging kitchens. Their hard work resulted in nearly 400 meals that were delivered to those in need. In total, 20 volunteers gave 3 hours each during the event, a total of 60 hours donated to this well deserving cause. 

"We packed meals (close to 400!) for critically ill, food insecure clients," shared a Hercules Capital volunteer. "The organization, Community Servings, runs like a well-oiled machine. They are also used to volunteer groups. They put us right to work, completing meaningful tasks!"

Existing Bonds Are Strengthened in the Kitchen

As one volunteer from Hercules Capital reminds us - volunteer events do more than just give back to the community. They can also be powerful tools for team building and fostering colleague-to-colleague connections, even among those who already work together on a regular basis. "It was great to do something good while bonding with colleagues!" shared a Hercules Capital volunteer. In an environment far removed from daily tasks and deadlines, volunteering offered a unique opportunity for collaboration and camaraderie, showcasing how a shared purpose can truly bring a team closer together.

Community Servings: A Culinary Beacon of Hope

Community Servings is a non-profit organization that has been providing nutritious meals to people facing food insecurity in the Greater Boston area for over 30 years. The organization prepares and delivers over 1 million meals annually to critically ill individuals, their families, and others facing food insecurity.

With a team of dedicated staff and volunteers, Community Servings is committed to providing the nourishment and support that individuals need to thrive. The organization's meals are tailored to meet the specific dietary needs of their clients, and they also offer nutrition education programs to help people make healthy food choices.

Through their partnership with Percent Pledge, Hercules Capital is continuing to find ways to give back to the communities they serve. Their commitment to social impact is an inspiration to others, and their volunteer efforts are making a real difference in the lives of those in need.



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