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Ilia Volunteers with Project Glimmer, Positively Impacting 5,000 Young Women

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Cori Hammoor • Marketing Manager

At Percent Pledge, we create tailored social impact programs, empowering companies and their employees to donate to and volunteer for the trusted charities they care about most. Our Customer Success team works with each customer closely to ensure volunteer events are customized to the company’s values and inclusive of employees’ passions. This month a recently planned, highly personalized event for Ilia, a skincare-powered company, is being highlighted.

The Ilia team has a passion for making an impact related to their industry that also aligned with their mission and employees’ passions. After thoroughly researching and vetting several nonprofits to work with, Percent Pledge recommended Project Glimmer. Ilia was jazzed by this option and moved forward with excitement.

Our team of social impact managers then planned the best and most impactful volunteer event. In May 2023, the Ilia team formed assembly lines to efficiently pack small bags of beauty products, featuring some of the products from Ilia! Each bag contained well-thoughtfully curated skincare and makeup products that teenagers would be excited to receive and use. The packaged gifts were then distributed through local organizations serving graduating high school girls to recognize and celebrate their educational accomplishments.

This event not only served those high schoolers receiving the gifts. The Ilia team benefited as well, enjoying the opportunity to meet team members they might not interact with on a day-to-day basis, and exercising new and old leadership, communication, and critical thinking muscles. These are just some of the benefits of corporate volunteering.

The volunteer event was a grand success with 105 Ilia volunteers packing 5,000 bags to be gifted to 5,000 young women. Their total impact came to $23,091!

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