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How to Maximize Your ERG Success & Impact with a Social Impact Platform

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Cori Hammoor • Director of Marketing

Greetings, ERG Leaders! As the driving force behind diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization, let's dive into how your social impact platform can take your Employee Resource Group's (ERG) impact to new heights.

Setting measurable goals

Imagine setting tangible goals for your ERG that can be measured within your social impact platform. Whether it’s hours volunteered, or dollars donated to your cause, setting and tracking achievable goals can maximize resonance and impact among ERG leaders and members. Leverage platform planning tools, empowering your ERG to create initiatives that deeply resonate with members, fostering engagement and commitment.

For example, at Percent Pledge, we worked directly with a customer's AAPI ERG to organize a meaningful volunteer event for AAPI Heritage Month that ensured they were meeting their volunteer hour goals.

Matching donation programs

Consider highlighting the significance of matching donation programs through your social impact platform. This isn't just about amplifying your impact; it's about encouraging collective contributions, fostering higher participation, and empowering your ERG to make a substantial impact on causes you support.

For instance, at Percent Pledge, we enable ERGs to create custom Cause Portfolios, like an LGBTQ+ Cause Portfolio for their LGBTQ+ ERG. These portfolios are created in partnership with ERG members and Percent Pledge’s Social Impact Managers vet each nonprofit through a rigorous process. The result: ERG members contribute to vetted nonprofits in the Cause Portfolio, and their company matches these donations during Pride Month, doubling the impact and celebrating diversity.

Volunteer engagement

Visualize a single platform to source and showcase volunteer events sponsored by your ERGs. Ditch the googling and endless hours spent searching for vetted, meaningful volunteer opportunities and create a seamless volunteer experience that fosters engagement and commitment.

For instance, we partnered with Covenant House NYC to support a customer's LGBTQ+ ERG in hosting a kit-packing event for National Coming Out Day in October. The event was open to allies, creating an inclusive environment to make kits for homeless trans youth.

Data-driven insights

Consider exploring the reporting and analytics features of your social impact platform. By doing this you can gain insights and use these data-driven insights to showcase your ERG's impact to organizational leadership and members. 

ERGs can effectively utilize reports to celebrate achievements, fostering a sense of pride and unity among members.

Strengthening ERG bonds

Discuss how the platform fosters a sense of community among your ERG members, providing tools for communication, collaboration, and celebration. Highlight features like forums, discussion boards, and recognition badges that contribute to a supportive and engaged ERG community. 

ERGs can learn from examples of successful community-building, leveraging these features to strengthen bonds among members.

With your social impact platform as a powerful ally, envision the positive change your ERG can bring to your organization and beyond. By strategically embracing the features and capabilities offered by social impact platforms like Percent Pledge, you can enhance engagement, showcase your impact, and drive lasting change in alignment with your ERG's mission. Let's continue to maximize our collective potential and make a real difference together!


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