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Weathering the Storm: Mental Health Resources for Anyone

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Cori Hammoor • Director of Marketing

The world could be feeling pretty heavy these days. Between global headlines and everyday stresses, it's easy to get overwhelmed, anxious, and drained. You're not alone. We all need a little extra support sometimes and together with the Percent Pledge Community you can find it. 

Here's the deal: taking care of your mental health isn't some fluffy side project, it's crucial. Think of it like putting on your oxygen mask before helping others. When you feel grounded and supported, you're better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way. 💪 And that oxygen mask translates to better outcomes in all aspects of life. Humans are better employees, partners, teammates, parents, and friends when they are able to take care of themselves. Mental health is critical not only to your own success but to the success of your company and family.

So, how do we navigate these stormy seas? We've got your back with a toolbox of helpful hacks:

  1. Breathe and Chill:
    Mindfulness apps: Take 5 minutes for guided meditations on Calm or Headspace. 🧘
    Nature fix: Get some fresh air, listen to birdsong, soak up the sun. 🌳☀️
    Deep breaths: Inhale for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8. Repeat until you feel calmer. 🌬️
  2. Connect and Share:
    Talk it out: Open up to a trusted friend or family member. 🗣️
    Find your tribe: Join a support group, online or in-person. 🤝
    Don't suffer in silence: Utilize your company's EAP for confidential counseling. 🤫
  3. Nourish Yourself (Body & Mind):
    Fuel your body: Eat healthy foods that give you energy. 🍎
    Prioritize sleep: Rest is essential, even when it's hard. 😴
    Screen break: Put down your phone and do something calming. 📵
  4. Kindness is Key (Even for You):
    Volunteer for a cause you care about. 🌎 The Percent Pledge Volunteer Platform is the perfect tool to find volunteer events near you.
    Practice gratitude: Find the good things, even the small ones. 🙏
    Treat yourself: Take a relaxing bath, read a good book. 🛁📚

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Experiment and find what works for you. And if you're struggling, reach out. Your HR team and EAP are here to listen, offer support, and connect you with resources.

We're all in this together. Let's weather the storm and come out stronger, kinder, and more connected than ever. 💪💖

Need more support and resources? Check out these helpful organizations:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

The nation's largest grassroots mental health organization. They're dedicated to building better lives for millions of Americans affected by mental illness through:

  • Education and outreach: Providing resources, support groups, and educational programs to families, individuals, and educators.
  • Advocacy: Fighting for more research, better education, bolder policies, and broader public awareness to combat stigma and ensure access to care.
  • Support: Operating a toll-free helpline and offering a range of support programs to empower individuals and families on their mental health journeys.

NAMI is a beacon of hope and help, making a real difference in the lives of countless people. 💪🧠

Hope for the Day

A powerhouse of positive change in the mental health landscape. They're laser-focused on:

  • Proactive suicide prevention: Busting stigma, fostering open conversations, and empowering individuals and communities to take action.
  • Peer-led support: Offering accessible workshops, programs, and resources created by and for people with lived experience.
  • Mobilization and collaboration: Partnering with influencers, streamers, and organizations to amplify the message and reach millions.
  • Creative tools for impact: Utilizing music, art, and storytelling to challenge stigma, inspire hope, and spark action.

HFTD is a vibrant force, turning mental health struggles into stories of strength, resilience, and ultimately, hope. 🌈💪🧠

Jed Foundation

A champion for young hearts and minds, leading the charge to protect emotional health and prevent suicide among teens and young adults:

  • Building resilience and life skills: Equipping students with tools to navigate stress, build healthy relationships, and cope with challenges.
  • Promoting social connectedness: Fostering safe spaces for open communication, peer support, and belonging to combat loneliness and isolation.
  • Encouraging help-seeking behaviors: Breaking down stigma, normalizing help-seeking, and connecting young people with resources like confidential counseling and support groups.
  • Empowering educators and parents: Providing training, resources, and evidence-based strategies to create supportive environments for mental health at home and in school.
  • Influencing policy and culture: Advocating for accessible mental health care, promoting positive media representations, and shaping a future where mental health thrives.

JED is a lighthouse in the storm, guiding young people towards brighter tomorrows where mental well-being is championed, not silenced. ☀️🧠💪

Join us and together let's build a community of support, one share at a time!

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