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The New Percent Pledge

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Joel Pollick • Founder & CEO

I’m grateful - and downright giddy - to announce the new Percent Pledge brand and website. 

Percent Pledge started as a B2C giving platform to solve the three main challenges that hundreds of young professionals told us were preventing them from making giving a habit: 

  1. “I want to give back more and know which cause(s) I care about, but I don’t know where to start. There are so many charities!” 
  2. “I’m not rich so I’m not sure if I can make an impact. If I’m not making huge donations or putting my name on a library can I really be a ‘Philanthropist?’”
  3. “When I give back now - and I do sporadically - I have no idea where that goes or how it’s put to use.” 

We founded Percent Pledge to solve these problems. And it worked, which was really exciting! But we soon realized that individuals weren’t the only ones who wanted to give back but struggled with how best to do good. 

So, we completed 50+ deep-dive interviews with businesses of all sizes and learned even more. We learned that today’s talent CARES, and businesses were taking notice: “Giving back does good for our communities, makes our company look good, and also now helps our company attract, engage, and retain today’s talent!” The pool of businesses with (or wanting) social impact programs is now every company. 

All that learning led to us today. Now our easy-to-use platform and dedicated social impact experts provide customers of all sizes with a single source for everything from donations and volunteering to charity vetting and impact reporting. And what we learned while creating this new brand and website will lead us into tomorrow. 

What we’ve learned about corporate workplace giving programs, and built into our new brand and website

Percent Pledge new brand

Companies need education & expertise, as well as tools, to make social impact successful

Most companies need more than tools/technology to successfully engage employees in philanthropy because most companies don’t have a full-time social impact or corporate social responsibility (CSR) team. 

Our customers love having access to our team of social impact experts. Serving as a trusted partner with tools/technology is a big reason why 100% of our customers have renewed. 

We wanted to share their expertise and insights more publicly on the new website, so we created an entirely new resource hub. This enables you to search for the exact topics and/or types of resources you need to get smarter about social impact and improve your program. 

Your social impact program needs to be customized to your company’s values & people

Successful social impact programs are not one-size-fits-all, which is why we have placed such a great emphasis on the new website at helping companies to understand the different ways they can customize their social impact program with Percent Pledge. 

From the employee data we gather and nonprofit vetting we offer, to the flexible matching donations options we provide on our platform and customized volunteer events we organize for customers, everything is tailor-made to each company’s values and people.  

Your social impact program needs to be inclusive & transparent

Successfully improving employee engagement and employer brand with your social impact program requires many things, but two in particular. 

Passion Assessment

First, success requires empowering employees with choice. Everyone cares about different causes & charities and should be empowered to support what they care about most. This can be overwhelming for small People Teams or employee-led Cares Teams working internally, but we’ve developed several tools (like our Employee Passion Assessment) to help make your program more bottoms-up, more data-driven, and more inclusive. 

Impact report

Second, success requires transparency. To improve employer brand with today’s top talent, you must be able to effectively measure (and market) your positive collective impact. This is why we feature impact reporting heavily on the new website. Particularly the personalized monthly impact reports we deliver to customers, which boast 60% monthly engagement rates and which most customers share externally via social platforms like LinkedIn.   

Our incredible new brand and website were designed in partnership with Quest Impact Design Studio.

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  • One platform for donations, volunteering, and reporting.
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  • Field, skills-based, and virtual volunteering events.
  • Personalized monthly impact reports delivered on a per-employee and company-wide level. Plus, real-time impact dashboards.