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How to Supercharge your ERGs with Social Impact [Webinar]

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Cori Hammoor • Marketing Manager

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are now core to what sets one company’s culture apart from another as they give often marginalized employee communities a broader voice and a sense of belonging, creating a more inclusive workplace. 

With ERGs growing importance comes many questions about how we support ERGs and how we provide internal and external company communities with actionable ways to be thoughtful allies. Leaders are now turning to social impact programs as one of the most effective ways to support the communities their ERGs champion. 

As businesses are becoming increasingly thoughtful about managing their ERG and social impact efforts, Percent Pledge hosted a webinar with the following all speaking firsthand from their best practices

  1. Jon Starling, VP of Talent Development @ Integral Ad Science
  2. Angelica Erazo, Sr. Diversity and Inclusion Consultant @ Oracle
  3. Ana Ramirez, Sr. Specialist, Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging @ Relativity 

The webinar (below) provided People, Culture, & Social Impact leaders immediate action items (attendees reported) on supercharging their ERG efforts while uniting their teams around social impact.

After the webinar, Percent Pledge gathered the top 5 key strategies and takeaways to help you improve your ERG efforts with social impact.

5 strategies to supercharge ergs with social impact

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  • One platform for donations, volunteering, and reporting.
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  • A searchable database of more than 1.5 million verified charities.
  • Field, skills-based, and virtual volunteering events.
  • Personalized monthly impact reports delivered on a per-employee and company-wide level. Plus, real-time impact dashboards.