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Precision & Play: A Look Inside the Latest @ Percent Pledge

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Cori Hammoor • Director of Marketing

Welcome to the latest edition of our "What’s New @ Percent Pledge" series, where we dive into the exciting updates, features, and vibrant happenings within the world of Percent Pledge. We ended 2023 with a bang! With several new features launched, an amazing impact on Giving Tuesday, and The Inagural Pledgies Awards, we hop into 2024 feeling rejuvenated with big goals on the roadmap. 

User Groups

We are thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to the Percent Pledge platform - the rollout of User Groups! Now, companies can effortlessly manage and track workplace giving programs with even greater precision. 

Admins can now categorize employees into groups based on teams, locations, or any other relevant criteria, allowing for a more nuanced view of engagement within the company. This customization feature provides a level of specificity that enables organizations to fine-tune their giving initiatives. Whether it's tracking matching donation campaigns by location or analyzing donation patterns across different departments, the User Groups feature brings a functional dimension to workplace giving, allowing organizations to make an even more meaningful impact on the causes that matter most.


Building on the transformative power of User Groups, we're thrilled to introduce another game-changing feature – Leaderboards! Now, admins can not only organize employees into dynamic User Groups but can also showcase their incredible impact by comparing these groups on engaging Leaderboards. This exciting addition allows companies to easily identify which User Groups are leading the way in terms of engagement and overall social impact enthusiasm. 

Whether it's spurring friendly competition or recognizing top-performing teams, Leaderboards bring an element of excitement to workplace giving, turning it into a collective effort where every User Group competes for a spot at the top. We turned the workplace into a hub of social impact excellence, fueled by friendly rivalry and a shared commitment to making a meaningful difference!

Employee Giving Reports

Here at Percent Pledge, we are all about transparency, so we are extremely excited to introduce a robust tool for informed decision-making – Employee Giving Reports! 

Now, companies can effortlessly navigate through a wealth of valuable insights into their employees' giving activities with just a few clicks. Our comprehensive reports put the power of data at their fingertips, enabling companies to make strategic decisions that drive positive impact. 

The Inaugural Pledgies Awards

In mid-December, it was time for the rib-tickling event of the year – The Pledgies! This inaugural award ceremony is hosted by our very own Percent Pledge Fun Committee (%PFC) for their fellow colleagues. Imagine the famous Dundies hosted by our friends at The Office, but better. 

All Percent Pledge employees cast votes and curled up to their computers for the virtual event of the year! Everyone was a winner, all prizes and awards were fake, and everyone walked away with their cheeks hurting from laughing so much. 

Successful Giving Tuesday!

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to send a special thank you to all of our customers for the incredible impact you all made on Giving Tuesday. This past Giving Tuesday, our customers showed the season's true spirit by going above and beyond to support causes close to their hearts. From record-breaking donations to hands-on volunteering, our customers’ generosity and creativity were inspiring. Check out more of their impact

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