NEW LGBTQ+ Portfolio; support these 3 top-rated, vetted charities supporting, empowering, + improving the lives of the LGBTQ+ community.

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How it works.

We help you donate a small % of each month’s budget—aka Percent Pledge—to causes you’re passionate about. Then, we keep you continuously updated on the impact of your Pledge!

1 Charity Mutual-Funds

Choose from our vetted Cause Portfolios, or search our 1M+ charity database to Build Your Own Portfolio.

2 Automated Giving

Pick your Pledge in 0.5% increments, then watch your giving happen seamlessly each month.

3 Tailored Reports

Check your inbox for personalized Pledge Reports, providing transparency into the impact of your Pledge.

4 Simple Tax Season

Stop searching for donation receipts. We send annual reports with tax receipts and tips.

Pledge as a Company

Add Percent Pledge to your employee benefits package.

Pledge as an Individual

Our simple platform allows you to donate a portion of your monthly income here and now.

Pledge Stories

"I made my pledge to help empower the people and organizations who spend every day fighting to change the ratio." Eliza M.

"I love animals. The charities are vetted, and the process was so easy. PercentPledge allowed me to: Give easily. Give confidently." Killian F.

"I want to make a difference (even if small) for causes I am passionate about." Samantha L.

How many employees are in your organization?

We make it possible for organizations of any size to manage, measure and market volunteering and giving programs that are engaging for the company as a whole. See how you can ignite change across your culture, community and company.

of your employees

say their jobs are more fulfilling when you help them identify ways to get more involved in their communities.

Also, 128 of your employees say opportunities to support their favorite causes are as important as wellness programs or tuition reimbursements.

more employees retained

this year. Engaging employees in giving and volunteering can increase retention by 43% (per a recent 2M employee study).

Working with Percent Pledge can reduce your turnover from 22 employees to 12.

dollars saved

Studies have shown that it costs roughly $15,000 to replace the average full-time employee.

This cost takes into account recruiting, training, and lost productivity.

Pick Your Passion

What Can Your Pledge Do?

Browse real impact examples from our portfolio charities and what they might mean for you.

One less Starbucks latte a week, could provide first aid & hygiene kits for 1 impoverished family.

One less cheat meal a month, could provide first aid & hygiene kits for 3 impoverished families.

Average Monthly Pledge

One less drink at the bar a week, could provide first aid & hygiene kits for 5 impoverished families.

One less Uber a week, could provide first aid & hygiene kits for 7 impoverished families.

One less boozy brunch a month, could provide first aid & hygiene kits for 10 impoverished families.

Pledge Press

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