Give simpler. Know your impact.

We help you donate a small percent of each month’s pay—aka a percent pledge—to the causes you care about most. Then, we keep you continuously updated on the impact that monthly donation is making!

How it works.

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1 Charity Mutual-Funds

Pick which cause(s) you care about. Our vetted Cause Portfolios simplify and diversify your giving.

2 Automated Giving

Pick your Pledge in 0.5% increments, then watch your giving happen seamlessly each month.

3 Tailored Reports

Check your inbox for personalized Pledge Reports, providing transparency into the impact of your Pledge.

4 Simple Tax Season

Stop searching for donation receipts. We send annual reports with tax receipts and tips.

Pledge as a Team

Add Percent Pledge to your employee benefits package.

Company Pledgers

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Pledge Press

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