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Employee Volunteering Programs

Give time or skills together. Connect your employees to each other and the communities your company serves with our full-service corporate volunteering. Whichever volunteer option you choose, the results are the same: team bonding on steroids.

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What is an Employee Volunteering Program?

Our Employee Volunteering Programs empower your employees to serve causes and charities in a way that increases employee engagement and happiness. Whether employees are looking for volunteering opportunities that are virtual or in-person, skills-based or traditional we’ve got you covered.

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How will your company benefit from our Employee Volunteering Program?

Your challenges:

  • red x It takes you at least 20-30 hours to plan a single event, with endless back-and-forth between external partners and internal stakeholders.
  • red x You struggle to make volunteering impactful and sustainable versus ad-hoc and transactional.
  • red x You have no system or process to track and report employee volunteer sign-ups, hours served, employee satisfaction, and impact.
  • red x Finding reliable partners, virtual volunteer events, or volunteer events for remote employees takes time and pulls you away from your other work.
  • red x Your employees aren’t utilizing the volunteer time off (VTO) hours and their potential impact is wasted.
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Our solutions:

  • green check mark Our team of social impact experts can do all the heavy lifting for you, curating in-person and virtual events globally.
  • green check mark Our platform makes managing your volunteer program easy, with event pages, digital sign-ups, tracking, and volunteer time-off policies.
  • green check mark We match your company with perfect volunteer opportunities based on your employee geographies, preferences, and skills.
  • green check mark Our white-glove support covers everything from pre-event planning and volunteer recruitment to post-event employee pulse surveys and impact reports.
  • green check mark Our real-time impact dashboard is perfect to manage, measure, and market your company’s impact.
  • green check mark A searchable database of 100k+ virtual and in-person volunteer events employees can participate. Give the gift of volunteering anytime, anywhere.

Our corporate volunteering platform

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Event management automated

Let our platform handle the promotion, registrations, and time tracking so you can focus on what matters.

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Quantify the impact

Track and share the impact of each event and your program as a whole with easy to read reports and out of the box dashboards.

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The gift of volunteering

Employees can find volunteer events that interest and are convenient for them in our 100k+ volunteer event database, plus registering is a breeze.

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VTO well used

Reduce the barriers to volunteering by making it easy for employees to find, share, and register for volunteer events. A happier and more engaged workforce guaranteed.

White glove volunteer event services

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Team volunteer events

Individual events customized for your company, which typically engage up to 40 employees in a 2-4 hours experience.

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Company-wide service days or weeks

Volunteer experiences customized for your company, which unite the entire company around serving the causes and local communities employees care about most.

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Skills-based volunteering

Volunteer experiences tailored to your employees' skillsets, such as pro-bono consulting and hackathons.

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Virtual volunteering

Individual team events, company-wide service days or weeks, and skills-based events can all be done virtually as well. Great way to engage remote employees and connect globally distributed teams.

Our full-service Employee Volunteering Program process

We provide white-glove support to customize in-person and virtual employee volunteering for your company.


Program design

We use our Employee Passion Assessment to design a Volunteer Program that allows your employees to support the causes they’re most passionate about.


Partner recruitment

Once we know where your employees are and what causes they care about most, we start looking for the right local charity partners for you.


Event selection

For each individual event, we present you with a list of several project options curated by your employees’ preferences and your company’s goals.


Employee volunteer recruitment

We provide you with ready-made volunteer recruitment materials (e.g. email, Slack, etc.) to educate employees about the curated volunteer events and help them sign up on our platform.


Event facilitation

We manage pre-event planning and logistical details so your employees can focus solely on volunteering.


Employee volunteer feedback

Post-event, we share pulse surveys to gather feedback and authentic employee volunteer stories.


Event impact report

We deliver personalized impact reports after each volunteer event. These branded reports (also accessible in your dashboard) include stats, testimonials, and visual assets.

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Celebrate your impact!

What our customers say

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Betterment completed our first-ever Volunteer Week with Percent Pledge - employees had several opportunities to volunteer their time, knowledge, skills, and expertise to support Tech Education, Financial Literacy, and Climate Change.

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Laura Employee Engagement at Betterment
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Organizing volunteer events was a pain point because we have a small DEI team, and evaluating nonprofits is very time-consuming. We turned to Percent Pledge because we trusted the burden would be taken off our internal team. 

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Chantel Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Grow Financial
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Percent Pledge presented me with 3 project options thoughtfully curated based on our Passion Report. I knew we were having a conversation about Feedonomics, not just another client, and we chose the virtual Map-a-Thon!

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Brett People Empowerment at Feedonomics

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Want to customize the perfect Workplace Giving Program for your company and employees?

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Why companies partner with us:

  • One platform for donations, volunteering, and reporting.
  • Easy to manage for you, easy to use for your employees.
  • A searchable database of more than 1.5 million verified charities.
  • In-person, skills-based, and virtual volunteering events.
  • Personalized monthly impact reports delivered on a per-employee and company-wide level. Plus, real-time impact dashboards.