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Workplace Giving Platform

Give with ease. Improve employee engagement and employee retention with a customized Workplace Giving Program. Facilitate philanthropy and measure company-wide impact on one, secure platform. Easy to manage for you, easy to use for your employees.

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What is a Workplace Giving Platform?

Our platform powers Workplace Giving Programs (inclusive of nonprofit vetting, donations, volunteering, and impact reporting) and is fully custom-configured for each customer. Easy-to-use for employees and zero-to-manage for you, our Giving Platform provides a single source for everything from matching donations and fundraising campaigns to virtual volunteering and impact reporting.

How will your company benefit from our Workplace Giving Platform?

Your challenges:

  • red x Your existing giving program is a cumbersome process for your employees to participate in and for you to manage.
  • red x Offering employees choice is impossible to manage manually; everyone cares about different things, and there are millions of charities.
  • red x Setting up fundraisers and or matching donation campaigns requires expertise, guidance, and a lot of time that you don’t have.
  • red x You lack the right tools to help measure and communicate your impact.
  • red x You put too much time and effort into building a giving program, only to see low employee participation.
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Our solutions:

  • green check mark We custom-configure our platform, fully tailored to your company, values, and culture. Easy to manage for you, easy to use for employees.
  • green check mark Boost employee engagement and impact with unlimited matching donations, gift donations, and campaigns.
  • green check mark Empower employees with choice and flexible donation options including vetted Cause Portfolios and a searchable database of more than 1.5 million charities.
  • green check mark Measure your company-wide impact in one central, secure platform that eliminates all your manual work (SOC 2 Type II Certified).
  • green check mark Get access to personalized monthly impact reports, both on a company and individual level.
  • green check mark More than 40% of employees engage in the programs Percent Pledge powers (more than 2x industry averages).

Corporate giving process

With Percent Pledge, you can launch your fully customized Workplace Giving Program in as little as three days.

Employee Passion Assessment

We gather insights on what your employees care about most and how they want to give back.

A tailored social impact program

Based on the Employee Passion Assessment, we create a social impact program fully tailored to your company’s goals, needs, and culture.

Impact tracking

Our solution provides full transparency. Each employee, and your company, can engage with real-time dashboards and monthly personalized impact reports.

How can your company donate with Percent Pledge?

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Employee donations

Allow your employees to donate one time or monthly to the nonprofits or causes they care about the most.

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Matching donations

Boost your employees’ impact and engagement by matching their donations to their favorite nonprofits or causes.

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Cause Credits

Boost impact and employee engagement with these free gift donations. Great for a variety of use cases (program launch, new employee onboarding, employee recognition, etc).

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Donation receipts

Employees can donate off-platform, then upload their receipts to track everything centrally and to submit for matching donations.

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Corporate grants

Support nonprofits and the causes that align well with your brand. We all know doing good is good for business.

Employees give with choice

Don’t know which charities to support? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of trusted and flexible giving options.


Vetted Cause Portfolios

Cause Portfolios consist of nonprofits carefully vetted by Percent Pledge that support a specific cause or community in a unique and innovative way.


Donate to any charity

Let your employees donate to any charity they want. There are more than 1.5 million available on our platform.


Company Portfolio

Our social impact experts can curate a portfolio of nonprofits or causes that align well with your brand, culture, and employee passions.


Rapid Response Portfolio

Donate to vetted charities for fundraising campaigns or relief efforts.

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Feel free to combine all of the above and get the max out of your social impact program.

Employee giving process

This is what our platform looks like for employees while they donate.

  • Choose your causes and charities

    Find and support the nonprofit or cause you care about the most. Our platform offers plenty of donation options to vetted nonprofits and more than 1.5 million charities tackling many different causes across the globe.

  • Select your amounts

    Select the amount you’d like to donate to the chosen charities or Cause Portfolio(s).

  • Celebrate your impact

    You’ve done something amazing! Now, track your impact through our personalized impact reports and celebrate your impact with your colleagues.

What our customers say

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As a front-end user, the platform is incredibly easy-to-use. Also, it is very cool to have team members say: 'My company empowers me to donate to charities I care about.'

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Employee Pledger
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Percent Pledge is one of the few solutions that give people a choice. By partnering with Percent Pledge, our employees can choose where they want to give, and how (donate or volunteer).

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Brett People Empowerment at Feedonomics
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Having both employee donations and volunteering wrapped into a single platform is amazing for me - other services only offer one or the other. Donations, volunteering, impact reporting...Percent Pledge is the total solution!

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Alyssa People & Culture at

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Want to customize the perfect Workplace Giving Program for your company and employees?

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Why companies partner with us:

  • One platform for donations, volunteering, and reporting.
  • Easy to manage for you, easy to use for your employees.
  • A searchable database of more than 1.5 million verified charities.
  • In-person, skills-based, and virtual volunteering events.
  • Personalized monthly impact reports delivered on a per-employee and company-wide level. Plus, real-time impact dashboards.