Give simpler. Know your impact.

We help you donate a small percent of each month’s pay—aka a percent pledge—to the causes you care about most. Then, we keep you continuously updated on the impact that monthly donation is making!

How it works.

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1 Charity Mutual-Funds

Pick which cause(s) you care about. Our vetted Cause Portfolios simplify and diversify your giving.

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2 Automated Giving

Pick your Pledge in 0.5% increments, then watch your giving happen seamlessly each month.

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3 Tailored Reports

Check your inbox for personalized Pledge Reports, providing transparency into the impact of your Pledge.

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4 Simple Tax Season

Stop searching for donation receipts. We send annual reports with tax receipts and tips.

Support the causes you care about, and leave the rest up to us.

Pick Your Passion

We measure your giving so you don't have to.

See how your pledges add up, and keep tabs on their amazing impact.




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