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Our Latinx Cause Portfolio contains highly strategic nonprofits advocating for and responding to the needs of the US Latinx communities by advancing equity in education, healthcare, employment, civil rights and immigration.

What is a Cause Portfolio?

Cause Portfolios are full of carefully chosen nonprofits to donate to that make an incredible impact on specific causes separately. So when united in our Portfolios, it allows your team to make a holistic impact on the cause.

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Charities in the Latinx Cause Portfolio

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Advancing higher education for Hispanic Americans.

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Providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrants.

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United We Dream Network

Largest immigrant youth-led community in the country.

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Empowering Latinos to define and achieve their own American Dream.

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Our charity evaluation process

Percent Pledge evaluates all nonprofit partners across a wide range of carefully considered vetting criteria, such as the following:

  • Bonus: customer-specific criteria, such as alignment with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion commitments.
  • Clear and consistent impact transparency of positive, intended outcomes.
  • A unique and innovative approach to solve long-standing issues, often through technology, model, systems, and or partnerships.
  • Transparent financials when reviewed by our partner, The Giving Back Fund, whose team carries 200+ years of expertise.
  • Diverse leadership that is representative of the communities served.
  • Top-tier ratings from evidence-based charity evaluations, such as GuideStar, GiveWell, and Charity Navigator.

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